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Why use Mt. Courtney?

Overcome Financial Bumps

Financial bumps can grow into mountains if you don’t climb them early enough. That’s why we established Mt. Courtney Financial. We found that people who need payday loans aren’t asking for a hand out, but they do need a leg up.

  • Payday loans are a great short term solution when you are short on cash.
  • Borrow a small amount of money and pay it back quickly.
  • Cash advance fees may be lower than bank overdraft fees

That’s how we help you get over that bump before payday. Cash advance fees can be lower than overdraft fees if you let your bank account go negative. When you pay a cash advance loan back, there are no further obligations.

Just request a loan with us to see how easy it is!

More about Payday Lending

Disclosing Fees

Fees and interest rates vary by lender with payday loans online. Typical fees are $30 for every $100 borrowed. Your lender will supply this information in your loan documents.


The APR for a short term cash advance loan varies depending on how it’s calculated. An example of your cash advance APR is anywhere from 200% - 2,290%. See our APR calculator for more examples.

Lending Regulations

All lenders are required to follow the guidelines of the FDCPA, or Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Your state may have additional regulations required for cash advance lenders. Please review your state, federal, and local government’s policies to understand risks, get credit counseling, or seek alternative loan information.

Borrow Responsibly

While Mt. Courtney Financial does not provide you with your loan, we want you to have a good experience through responsible borrowing. Consider your financial situation and make sure a payday loan is right for you. See financial advocacy organizations to understand more about borrowing and lending.

Implications of Non-Payment

Some lenders use collection services which may negatively impact your credit score or ability to be approved in the future. These implications are at the discretion of your lender.

Loan Renewal

You may need to renew your loan with your lender. Review your cash advance loan documents to understand how fees and payment dates will change.

Late Payments

Lenders may charge additional fees for late payments or loan renewals. You may find your lender’s practices by visiting their website and reviewing your approval email.

Quick Tips on Good Practices

  • Keep your lender informed and negotiate payments if you are having trouble paying
  • Review All loan Documents
  • Ask your lender any questions you have

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