Why use Mt. Courtney?

Overcome Financial Bumps

Financial bumps can grow into mountains if you don’t climb them early enough. That’s why we established Mt. Courtney Financial. We found that people who need payday loans aren’t asking for a hand out, but they do need a leg up.

  • Payday loans are a great short term solution when you are short on cash.
  • Borrow a small amount of money and pay it back quickly.
  • Cash advance fees are lower than bank overdraft fees

That’s how we help you get over that bump before payday. Cash advance fees are lower than overdraft fees if you let your bank account go negative. When you pay a cash advance loan back, there are no further obligations – no monthly charges or rate hikes like credit card companies.

Network of Lenders

There’s nothing wrong with living paycheck-to-paycheck. But it’s not easy and that’s not something we can change overnight. Whether you have good credit, ok credit, or need a total credit overhaul, a payday advance may be the answer to your short term needs. If we find a lender that can meet your financial needs you will know in real time how much you may qualify for. Your situation may be less-than-perfect, but help may still be available with a payday loan. Mt. Courtney Financials network of lenders may not be on Wall Street, but then neither are most of our customers. We deal with people who have had good and bad times, and just need to get through this one. Lots of financial situations cause people to turn to payday loans. Cash advances are an especially useful tool for unexpected expenses no matter where you are in your financial goals. In the end, the best solution is to apply to the Mt. Courtney Financial network of lenders.

Security and Confidence

Most of us feel secure and safe when we walk in a bank. You should feel even more secure with Mt. Courtney Financial. Banks come with guards, great buildings, and nice looking staff. But, banks don't provide short term loans and that’s all you need right now. We offer a secure, safe solution with a cash advance until payday. Just complete a simple cash loan application. If we can match you with one of our lenders you will have funds right in your bank account in as little as one business day! Mt. Courtney has been safely getting your data to our lenders for years and so, we are confident in providing that security to you.

Get online, apply on our site, and get cash right in your account.